The Federal Law  prohibits any credit restoration company from promising the deletion of items or guaranteeing score increases.  Predictions and promises of certain outcomes are not allowed.

We work confidently to deliver a great experience, to every client.  We are dedicated to doing our job in a professional and dynamic manner. However, the ultimate goal is to remove negative, inaccurate and unverifiable information from credit reports.  We are confident in the quality of our work.  Unfortunately, there may be some cases which we may be unsuccessful.

We will work for free or issue you a refund equivalent to your last month of service (upon request), IF:


  • We do not remove any negatives worked on (personal information, collections, charge off’s, late payments, inaccurate reporting of an account, inquiries, repossessions, etc.
  • You have been enrolled in our program for 150 days (5 consecutive months)
  • You have not used another credit consulting company nor attempted to repair your credit your own at least 1 year prior to enrolling in our services
  • You have no new derogatory trade lines were added to your credit report after the date of enrollment
  • You have maintained continued access to all 3 credit reports per the approved credit monitoring service, Identity IQ
  • You have made all payments on time to creditors – no reported late payments on your credit report from the day you enrolled in our services
  • You have made all payments to Confident Consultants & Co. on time on a monthly basis, no NSF fees and have no outstanding balance
  • You have not missed any payments nor skipped a month of service nor received any discounts with Confident Consultants & Co. since the day you enrolled in our services
  • You must have followed our recommendations to add positive lines of credit to your profile
  • You must have been in contact with us by scheduling your Monthly Planning Sessions to learn more about your credit progress and receive your individualized credit building recommendations
  • You must have uploaded all correspondence relating in any way to your credit profile via your secure client portal within (5) seven days of receiving said correspondence
  • You must have uploaded your proof of your identity via your secure client portal – such as ID, social security card and proof of address – within (5) business days of the date of enrollment
  • You must have responded to all email, phone calls and text requests in a timely manner – 24-48 hours (2) days or less
  • You must agree to give Confident Consultants & Co. sixty to ninety days to further process such request from the initial date of the refund request. This will allow us adequate time to review your credit bureaus and audit your account to verify that no negative items nor positive improvements have been removed/made on your account and to ascertain the reason for this occurring
  • Refunds are limited to only the last 30 Days of service – after we work for free to provide you with results. Meaning, if and when determined, you will receive a refund for your most recent payment only. Due to the fact that our team has worked diligently and hard on your credit profile we can not place a refund for the total of 150 days.

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