Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In accordance with the FCRA, anything that is reporting on your credit profiles must be 100% reporting accurately and must be verifiable.  We help you find the inaccuracies in your report and challenge them to get them removed.
In this (1) one FREE telephone consultation, we will have a conversation about your expectations, credit + financial obstacles, your goals and make a decision on if you qualify for our services as well as give you an insight on our program work.
Everyone’s credit profile is unique -we can not provide you with an exact time frame. Even though some of our clients have seen results in as little as 10 days. Your time frame is dependent on various factors such as – your credit profile, your financial behavior, etc.
Many of our clients see results in as little as 30-45 days – but, everyone’s credit profile is unique. After our disputes are delivered on your behalf, the credit bureaus have 30 to 45 days to respond with updates from the dispute. Within 45-90 days majority will see results, however, results vary.
Due to COVID-19 the credit bureaus now have 60 days to process their investigations and update your credit report with results.
We are excited to assist you on this journey! We made it simple!
IF you need a free consultation please schedule it first before proceeding.
IF you are ready to get started and do not need a consultation – select your credit consulting program and follow the prompts to get enrolled.
Call/text us at 1.800.523.6999 if you encounter any issues.
No, you must use our preferred credit monitoring provider when enrolling in a program with Confident Consultants & Co. No worries, we have worked out an exclusive discount for you with our credit monitoring provider.
Absolutely! You are not in a contract. Services are provided on a month-to-month basis and clients may cancel their service at any time at least (10) ten days in advance of any upcoming recurring payment. When cancelled according to these terms, the upcoming recurring payment will constitute the final payment due for services rendered. If you happen to cancel outside of the (10) ten days requirement you will be liable for said month payment.
Ex. John’s due date is the 20th of every month – John can cancel his program on the 10th of the month without owing Confident Consultants & Co. for said month.
Simply send us a message via your secure client portal letting us know that you would like to cancel your services. This is the only acceptable form of a cancelation notice. Do not text, call or email us…you must send a message via your client portal.
Any account that is unverifiable, inaccurate, or simply outdated can be legally removed from your credit report.

  • Collection Accounts
  • Charge Offs
  • Late Payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Outdated Personal Information
  • Inquiries
  • Closed Accounts
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Child Support
  • Medical Bills
  • Student Loans
  • Evictions


Removing negative accounts from your credit does not remove your legal obligation of repayment. You still are legally liable for the debt if it is within the statute of limitations in your state. Credit restoration will remove negative items from your credit report. 
All active and current clients are welcome to schedule their (1) one free Monthly Planning Session via our scheduling page on our website
Keep in mind, to schedule your session you must have active credit monitoring with our required provider as well as be current on your monthly payment fee.
Great question! Gaining confident credit is a two-party thing. We are huge on education – and we want you to be 100% a part of the process as well as understand how to build a positive credit profile.

Here’s some things we recommend for you to do to be successful in our program…

  1. Schedule your Monthly Planning Session
  2. Pay ALL creditors on time, each month
  3. Maintain a low (less than 10%) utilization on all credit cards
  4. Build positive credit if you have a thin credit file, no revolving lines of credit (credit cards), nor installment accounts (loans).  We have our recommended credit builder accounts for you once you enroll.
  5. Be sure to follow our recommendations only.  This is a really important factor to being successful in our program.
  6. Do NOT close any open and positive accounts.
  7. Be patient – remember this is a process that is well worth the time and effort.  Our program will help provide you with the knowledge, tools you need to live financially free, enjoy lower interest rates, accomplish your goals as well as gain overall CONFIDENCE.


We have 5 points of contact for our clients.  Our customer service team is eager to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Majority of Confident Consultants & Co. communication will be done via email. Please make sure you save our email address in your contacts to avoid our emails from going to spam

Here’s 5 ways active clients can contact us:

  1. Text-a-Consultant at 1.800.523.6999 (please provide our consultants 24 business hours to respond)
  2. Monthly Planning Session (all active and current clients are welcome to schedule 1 free call per month. Client must schedule via our scheduling page on our website.)
  3. Secure Client Portal (message a consultant via your client portal. Please provide our consultants at least 24 business hours to respond.)
  4. Call Us at 1.800.523.6999
  5. Email Us (please use this as your last method of contact.  Can take up to 72 hours for a consultant to respond.)

Absolutely! Confident Consultants & Co. is affiliated with amazing lenders and real estate professionals in our local area.  We will ensure to assist you on your journey from gaining confident credit to becoming a homeowner.  We will help guide you in the appropriate direction to locate a lender and realtor you will love to assist you in accomplishing your goals!  If you have a realtor or a mortgage loan officer you are currently working with, please let us know!
We LOVE to hear that our clients are accomplishing goals and changing their financial future for the better! We have a special treat for those who share their accomplishments with us and social media!  Simply send picture images along with your name and the message to us at 225.304.0479!